About Us



 MOCHKOV is what began as a small family business in 1973. Since than, we continue to grow and expended to 25 employees and 1000 sqm facility, quipped with the most modern technology, which makes our factory 70% automated, allows us to manufacture all and any models upon customer's specifications. Our product exceeds the standard quality of others. All throughout the years, we have developed special paints and technics and we continue to search for high quality raw materials throughout the world.
All of our products are vigorously tested for exact weight, size and performance. Our special "competition floats" series are developed and innovated in conjunction with our sponsored fishing team.
Been a customer service oriented firm, we are able to exceed our client's expectations.
MOCHKOV's client base covers Italy, Germany, Holland, Spain, Greece, etc.
The steady growth of MOCHKOV is based upon the universal desire to always improve who we are and what we do, carrying with us the wisdom of the past and the healthy respect for the future. We are always looking for innovative ways to serve you.

Our business is engage in a full manufacturing process. All of our products are made in our factory, closely controlled and quality tested by us, before reaching our customers and distributers.
We also are able to print your company name and logo on our products upon request. We invite you to visit our factory, to preview the manufacturing process.