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Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy | Mochkov


Last updated on 01.05.2024

To ensure the proper and safe operation of website (the “Website”) MOCHKOV FISHING FLOATS LTD., with a seat and registered office in Bulgaria, town of Nova Zagora 8900, “14th January” Street No 7, registered in the Commercial Register with the Bulgarian Registry Agency, having registration number 204963330 and e-mail address (“Mochkov”) uses cookies.

What are cookies and why are they needed?

Cookie Policy | Mochkov

Cookies are small text files that are stored on a user's computer or another device and are used to perform certain functions and collect information. Each cookie is a unique information and may belong to one of the following types:

Strictly necessary or functional – depending on whether they are necessary for the functioning of the website.

They provide essential website functions such as allowing the user to navigate back and forth between pages without losing their previous actions from the same session. Website owners are not required to obtain user consent to place strictly necessary cookies because without them the site cannot perform basic functions.

They enable the website to provide enhanced functionalities. They can be set up by the owners of the websites or by third parties whose services are added to the pages. If you do not allow these cookies, some of the relevant services such as form filling, file uploading, and map display may not be performed correctly or be at all possible.

Persistent or session – depending on the time for which the cookies will be stored on the user's device.

Cookies placed during your stay on the website (session). They are deleted when the session is terminated.

Persistent cookies

Cookies from the website owner or from a third party , depending on their origin.

Cookies placed directly by the website owner.

Cookies placed by third parties, usually with the consent of the website owner.

How and what cookies do we use?

Cookie Policy | Mochkov

When loading the Website and viewing its content, cookies are used to enable it to function properly. We use the following cookies:

What options do you have if you do not want cookies on your computer?

Cookie Policy | Mochkov

Cookies can be disabled or removed with tools available in most modern browsers. Each browser's settings are individual and each browser offers different functionality and management options. For more information on how you can block, delete or disable cookies, please review your browser or device settings.

You can control and/ or delete cookies whenever you wish - for more information visit:

You can delete any cookies already stored on your computer, and you can also set most browsers to block them. However, if you do this, you may have to manually set some parameters each time you visit a website. In addition, some services and features may not work, including not loading our website.

You can withdraw your consent to the use of functional cookies at any time.

Additional information

Cookie Policy | Mochkov

Changes to the cookies used will be reported in due course and published on the Website.

Contact details

Cookie Policy | Mochkov